ZMofit Solutions.

ZMofit Solutions provides Business Monitoring Solution services to Hospitality Business (Hotels/Motels/Resorts). ZMofit Solutions is fully automated services to monitor all needed events on Businesss Premises. For Solution details and Product Pricing Click here. Please Contact us for more details.

ZMofit Service

ZMofit solution is best fit for Hospitality Business (Hotels/Motels/Resorts) to monitor each and every activity of their business. We provide all equipements require to automate this process. Currently this service is provided as a month to month leasing agreement.

ZMofit Energy Saving Solution

ZMofit provides state of art AI based solution to hospitality business's which reduces electric energy bills 10 to 30% every month. We intelligently balances usage of electric energy and enhances electic equipments (such as Air conditioner, heater etc) life expectency.